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Gary Salt Lake City, UT

Celena does a great job of mixing things up, keeping the workouts interesting. She is also a great motivator, she knows what you need to push just a little harder. Great trainer!! I whole-heartedly recommend Celena Morales as a personal trainer.

Tenille Stansbury Park, Utah
Celena is amazing and extremely knowledgeable!!! She keeps you motivated and pushes you to get stronger and better.
Carrie Stansbury Park, UT

HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Celena is amazing. She truly cares about you and your health. If you are a beginner or have limitations due to an injury, she modifies work outs that push you and help you succeed. Celena and her husband Noe are truly wonderful people with hearts as big as Texas!

Jeanette Idaho Falls, ID

Celena genuinely wants to help you meet your goals. Celena understands the relationship of food and exercise and how they effect the body; her education and experience bring a unique understanding of how things work together. I would recommend their services to anyone.

Rachael Stansbury Park, UT

Celena is the best personal trainer I have ever worked with. She is very educated and knows exactly what to have me do to achieve my goals. She is also so fun to work with. I am enjoying my workouts for the first time in my life!!

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Celena Morales Philosophy

We don’t train only for special events.  We train for life.  For year-round confidence, strength, and the mental boost that only exercise can give you.  When people tell us we are “supposed to” be skinnier, bigger, taller, smaller, bigger butt, smaller legs, we keep our heads down, ignore it, and keep working on OUR goals.

I don’t want to sell you a tagline, sell programs based off of sexual photos (I’m a mom now….hahaha), or sell you some special tea guaranteeing you to lose 50 pounds in 5 minutes.  That’s just not me.  Yuck.  

I want to help you discover your own love and passion for fitness.  While there are optimal ways to train for certain goals, I  understand that not everyone’s interests are the same.  Some people will never try the Olympic lifts.  Others will never stretch–it’s just not in them.  I want to make you the best you can be, which includes helping you discover what you love.  If you spend an hour at the gym doing things you hate (which might be optimal) you won’t stick with it long-term (because it’s not fun).  

I want you to be fit, flexible, and confident in your own skin for your entire life, and with the gift of that time, always improving.  If you don’t find something that challenges, motivates, and is fun for you, you won’t stick with it for the long haul. I want you to attain the best fitness you’ve ever had and to not be afraid to set big goals, because you’ll be here for them!

I can offer you my expertise in weight training, the Olympic lifts, bodyweight training, HIIT cardio, LISS cardio, and of course, nutrition.  I won’t cut out the things you love and we’ll help you discover even more things to be excited about in life.


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